Ten Financial planning tips for newly weds

  1. Never lie about even a rupee of financial matters.
  2. Set couple goals –For Retirement/For no of Kids Planned etc.
  3. In the Indian context- It is in our psyche to buy a big house immediately within a couple of years of marriage and pay EMIS upto our neck at the expense of everything else in life-figure out as a couple whether this is really necessary-a flat is not even a good investment.
  4. Again if you have decided to buy a house buy a house where you can afford the emis-don’t buy a house which you can’t afford just to compare yourself with the Khannas. -Nobody gives a darn.
  5. Same goes for a car-buy a car which suits you and is functional and which doesn’t take the fun money out for you as a new couple.
  6. Make a monthly budget-for fun money/for monthly expenses/towards the holiday/for retirement.
  7. Keep [ aside a emergency fund of at least six months salary .
  8. Take a term life insurance plan and a family floater health plan together..
  9. Open a joint account for all couple goals.
  10. Save more of your pay towards retirement now-it iwill get more tougher (percentage of saving) when kids come on board.

Why should I hire a wedding planner?

A wedding planner saves as you Time Energy and Money.


First of all, on your wedding you just want to immerse yourself in the aaha moments and suck the juice

Out of all your moments on your most important day and not be bothered about the thousand

Nitty gritties which come up by the hundreds on those two or three special days.

A wedding planner will take care of all the small issues for you right from venue consulting

food and guest mgmt to concierge services to helping out with bespoke tailoring and buying customized jewellery.

A wedding in the Indian context of things has a lot of ritual mgmt interspersed with fun elements like sangeeth these events have to flow seamlessly without any hiccups which is where a wedding planner comes in.


You should be in the high energy zone whether you are part of the couple or close relatives of the couple as you will have designated tasks in ritual mgmt so a wedding planner makes sure that you conserve your energy by taking care for all the other sundry details.


A wedding planner will save you 30 to 40 % of your costs of your wedding budgetas they are connected to vendors regularly and give them a lot of business

So the rates which you will get going through them right from accommodation for your guests to your food and décor and photography, dresses and accessories and honeymoon packages will save you a huge amount of money on your budget.

Also you can sit down with your wedding planner six months to an year before the wedding and plan our your entire wedding so you will have a very clear roadmap of the budget which itself will remove the unknowns from your thinking and give you a lot of clarity.

The Indispensable role of The Wedding Planner

Today, the wedding business is becoming more popular, so with a huge selection of photographers, florists, leading musicians, it is very difficult to organize a wedding of their own by themselves, and if time is short, all the more. But, fortunately, there are a lot of wedding organizers who will happily take care of all your troubles.

Who is a wedding Planner?

The profession of “wedding planner” is very popular in America and Europe, and every year it is gaining increasing popularity with us in India. But still this activity is still surprising for many people. Why pay a man for hiring a photographer and ordering a cake? In fact, the organizer of weddings is a person who is engaged in full preparation for the celebration: he is the “builder” of the event from the beginning to the very end. He will be a stylist, decorator, designer, accountant … In addition, this person should become a true friend and assistant to the bride and groom, their personal adviser and sometimes even a psychologist. But let’s talk about everything in order.


The main duties of the wedding Planner are:

  • the development of a wedding script, help in choosing the themed décor  of the various stages of a wedding right from engagement to sangeeth right upto theb bespoke  honeymoon package
  • working out the budget, assisting in organizing the wedding within the prescribed budget;
  • help in choosing a photographer, florist, artists, as well as the venue of the banquet;
  • control over the wedding, artists, waiters and other staff;
  • the solution to  any unforeseen situation, for example,  electricity  back up  or melted cake;
  • Full wedding planning, including help in choosing the date of the wedding, the time and place of the wedding, etc.
  • some of them take on such responsibility as the organization of a hen party and a bachelor party, so if desired, the newlyweds can save themselves and their friends even from such hassle.


The Advantages of Hiring a Turnkey Wedding Planner

  1. The main advantage is that this person will guarantee your peace of mind at the most critical period in your life. Preparation for the wedding is often accompanied by panic, nervous breakdowns, fears, but a professional in his business will help you get rid of the negative and enjoy the last unmarried days.
  2. No less important is the fact that the organizer has extensive connections with photographers, artists, florists and other organizations of the wedding industry. It will help you determine the choice of the necessary staff within your budget, tastes and preferences.
  3. Knowing all the subtleties and nuances of organizing weddings, he will help to find a way out of any existing situation.
  4. During the banquet, you will know that behind your back there is a reliable assistant who will guide the waiters, artists and other personnel.
  5. This person will not lie to you about what is good and what is bad. In case you have chosen a wedding dress that is not suitable for you, he will gently point this out to you and help with choosing the ideal outfit for you.

Minuses when using the help of a wedding organizer are much less than pluses. These include only the payment of services and the fact that in our time it is really difficult to find a real professional. But, having spent time searching for the right one, you will save yourself time and provide a guarantee that the wedding will be held at the highest level then we recommend first to make a budget with your wedding planner right up front few months before the wedding – so you can determine the main categories of expenses, and decide and very clear about the costs involved.


How to choose the perfect wedding organizer?


  • Real experience. If you are offered a service by a person who has 1-2 weddings in his portfolio (and this can be the weddings of his friends), think about whether you need an assistant who is not well versed in his field. In order to avoid or easily resolve any force majeure situation, he must feel confident, that is to say. “A dog to eat” in its business. The organizer is a person whose services it is better not to save money looking for the cheapest planner you will land up losing  ,a lot of money because of their inexperience and incompetency ,make sure you choose an experienced and friendly planner who acts as an extended member of your family and who feels your most important day in their bones  then the wedding will definitely go according to plan and at the highest level.
  • Professional and personal qualities. First of all, this person should be active, inquisitive, calm, sociable, possess an ideal restraint and the ability to easily navigate in any situation.  You do not want an argumentative personality whos always trying to drive down his point of view claiming he or she has got more experience in this that’s not your problem you are the boss whos going to pay them.  When communicating with him, you should feel comfortable, trust his taste and be confident in his competence. When viewing the portfolio of the organizer, pay attention to whether you like what he offers. If his work provokes conflicting feelings, feel free to put across your point of view strongly.
  • Creative thinking. The wedding organizer is a creative profession, that’s why this person should have creativity and non-standard thinking. His proposals cannot be limited to one or two scenarios, and to your wish “I want something unusual” he always needs to have a few ideas in reserve. The ability to think creatively and out of the box will allow a good specialist to easily find an approach to any client and organize both a modest budget wedding and a large-scale, costly event. Many new iideas are there nowadays in weddings right from entertainment to décor themes .He or she she should be an out of the box lateral thinker who can suggest great new ideas for now to make your event more memorable.

it’s worth spending a little time looking for the best and budget friendly wedding planner

Ask them questions about their previous weddings organized check out their competency levels you want someone who take take all your stress not someone who contributes to more and also saves you Time Energy and Money.

Ten ways to know that the person you are getting married to is your soulmate

1. You are his best friend and lover. You can tell him anything.
2. you tell him secrets that you have not told anybody else and you can totally
Trust him with it even if it is about your bestie
3. you totally understand each other you get each other’s non verbal communication pat down
4. you can have constructive arguments about any topics and come out better out of it.
5. you get butterflies in your stomach every time you see him.
6. every moment away from him you are thinking about him you feel incomplete without him.
7. even if you are not talking anything just having his presence in the room makes you feel complete
8. you want to grow old with him and have his babies.
9. you can be your own authentic self around him and vice versa and you don’t have to put on a masked self ever.
10. you just know-it’s a gut feeling that he is the one.

Ten things Newly Married couples can do to increase their intimacy.

1. Do yoga together
Yoga increases your spiritual quotient it changes your mind makes you a better human being and hence a better mate and partner.
2. Do tai chi together
Doing basic tai chi together for a few minutes every morning will make you more centered and more loving.
3. Watch each other’s favorite fun movies together.
4. Just spend fifteen minutes every day meditating together
5. Take a spa holiday together,
6. Take a yoga retreat holiday together.
7. take long walks together whenever possible.
8. Join a gym together.
9. Join a running club together
Spend half an hour in silence together sipping coffee or green tea –get really comfortable with each other’s spiritual presence- after all we are spiritual beings in a human body.
10. Go Cycling or hiking together.