Ten Rules for A Happy Indian Marriage.

1 Suspicion kills Marriage-Trust is the No 1 Rule.
2 Say one Nice Thing to each other every day.
3 Its Always Us against the World-Place each other on top of your extended families if it comes to a crisis.This is very important in the Indian context of things.
4 Never Hide Any Financial stuff from each other.
6 Don’t shout at the same time at each other if one of you has blown a top the other should keep quiet as of now.
7 When you are in the wrong admit it without ego.
8 Never bring up mistakes of the past.
9 In the Indian context try not to bring up issues about in laws-such quarrels explode in the wrong direction.
10 Love Respect and common Sense-Three pillars of a happy marriage

One Bonus Rule

11 Take atleast a weekend holiday as a couple at least once a year without kids.

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