4 Very Important Things to look for in an Amazing Husband

1 -You must be able to trust him implicitly.
He is going to be your best friend and lover for life
Trust is the no 1 Factor –Without That Nothing Else Matters

2 -You and him must have a spiritual and emotional connection
Many people confuse religion with Spirituality-Spirituality is just been totally
Aware of yourselves and of yourselves as a couple even if you both both follow different religions or faiths-what matters is the connect.

3- He must bring out the best in you as a human being and encourage you in whatever you do and vice versa and never put you down in any situation Especially the tough ones

4- He must be a highly motivated intelligent and energized individual who Will inspire you towards greater and greater couple goals.
He doesn’t have to have a good job. He doesn’t have to have a good career. He doesn’t even have to be brilliant. Because in the end, what will matter far more than intelligence or educational credentials, is whether or not he is a motivated individual who takes initiative. If he is motivated AND He Has Grit, he will always find a job or look for a way to provide for the family. If he is not, it doesn’t matter how much education he has or how much family wealth he has he will lose it –it has happened in many families / he could easily become lazy.

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