5 Glamorous Trends for Wedding Stage Decoration in 2019

At every marriage ceremony, the stage décor is a powerful way to attract the eyes of the guests. It is an elegant setting where the bride and groom sit together. It is a perfect spot for taking pictures with family and friends. The rise of newer trends for the stage decoration catches the attention of your near and dear ones.
It will help you to become a trendsetter for your friend or relatives’ marriage function. You can also hire professional decorators for the best wedding stage decoration. Let us now see some of the five amazing stage decoration trends in 2018:

  1. Cheesy Lighting Decoration – In the Indian Weddings, Celestial Moon stage decoration is in trend. Here, crystals and stars are set in the background. The seat is in the shape of a celestial moon with proper cushions to provide comfort to the bride and groom. The white and blue theme, celestial lights, etc. adds a great tint to the stage decoration.
  2. Flowers Canopy Decoration – Nowadays, the canopy style stage decoration is flourishing. The use of beautiful flowers and colorful curtains around the stage looks amazing. You can find classy colors in curtains like red, peach, golden, pink, etc. The decorators also use fresh flowers or small bouquets around the canopy. It is also the latest trend with a wedding throne put up as a center of attraction.
  3. Satin Ribbons and Balloons Décor – This adds a colorful look to any kind of stage decoration. The professionals arrange the colorful satin ribbons in versatile shapes. These look perfect even outside weddings. The use of streamers and balloons for the stage décor makes it look more enchanting and mesmerizing.
  4. Combination of Red and Gold displaying Royalty – For the best wedding stage decoration, the combination of red and gold color gives a chic look. The decorators use different hues in a creative way with drapes, lights, and flowers arranged in a great manner. The red and gold colors provide a stunning look to the stage. It sets the eyes of every guest onstage.
  5. Ethnic and Traditional Look – Many couples-to-be choose ethnic and traditional look for the stage beautification. This has become a catchy trend. It includes huge and traditional golden colored sofas. The vibrant looking curtains, elegant flowers, golden colored arches, etc. may sound traditional. Yet, it is one of the trends chosen for the stage ornamentation.

To wrap up, nowadays there are best wedding stage decoration ideas prevailing for marriage ceremonies. The couples can hire professional decorators or event planners to get a good insight for beautifying the stage. So, create your special moment in style and royalty.

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