5 Glamorous Trends for Wedding Stage Decoration in 2019

At every marriage ceremony, the stage décor is a powerful way to attract the eyes of the guests. It is an elegant setting where the bride and groom sit together. It is a perfect spot for taking pictures with family and friends. The rise of newer trends for the stage decoration catches the attention of your near and dear ones.
It will help you to become a trendsetter for your friend or relatives’ marriage function. You can also hire professional decorators for the best wedding stage decoration. Let us now see some of the five amazing stage decoration trends in 2018:

  1. Cheesy Lighting Decoration – In the Indian Weddings, Celestial Moon stage decoration is in trend. Here, crystals and stars are set in the background. The seat is in the shape of a celestial moon with proper cushions to provide comfort to the bride and groom. The white and blue theme, celestial lights, etc. adds a great tint to the stage decoration.
  2. Flowers Canopy Decoration – Nowadays, the canopy style stage decoration is flourishing. The use of beautiful flowers and colorful curtains around the stage looks amazing. You can find classy colors in curtains like red, peach, golden, pink, etc. The decorators also use fresh flowers or small bouquets around the canopy. It is also the latest trend with a wedding throne put up as a center of attraction.
  3. Satin Ribbons and Balloons Décor – This adds a colorful look to any kind of stage decoration. The professionals arrange the colorful satin ribbons in versatile shapes. These look perfect even outside weddings. The use of streamers and balloons for the stage décor makes it look more enchanting and mesmerizing.
  4. Combination of Red and Gold displaying Royalty – For the best wedding stage decoration, the combination of red and gold color gives a chic look. The decorators use different hues in a creative way with drapes, lights, and flowers arranged in a great manner. The red and gold colors provide a stunning look to the stage. It sets the eyes of every guest onstage.
  5. Ethnic and Traditional Look – Many couples-to-be choose ethnic and traditional look for the stage beautification. This has become a catchy trend. It includes huge and traditional golden colored sofas. The vibrant looking curtains, elegant flowers, golden colored arches, etc. may sound traditional. Yet, it is one of the trends chosen for the stage ornamentation.

To wrap up, nowadays there are best wedding stage decoration ideas prevailing for marriage ceremonies. The couples can hire professional decorators or event planners to get a good insight for beautifying the stage. So, create your special moment in style and royalty.

Look at these Five Significant Tips While Hiring a Budget Wedding Planner

The first thing while planning for a marriage is the budget or the cost incurred on this special day. With prices of materials, food items, decors, etc. becoming expensive, it is a great idea to consult budget wedding planners. They will not only help you to plan your big day but will also cut down on the unnecessary expenses. Here are a few tips to choose the best one for your wedding:

Research! Research and Research

One must do their homework of finding out a budget and experienced wedding planner. You can visit the sites of varied companies online and decide by looking at the cost and other services stated on their site. People must seek their awards, membership, years of working in this field, and much more.

Set for a Meeting

Get ready with your ideas, pictures of your desired marriage functions, magazine cutouts, etc. before meeting your budget wedding planners. Collection of the required material will help the planner to get your thoughts on the table. Discuss about your tastes, color preferences, theme, food items, etc. Accordingly, they can advise and plan your wedding without making a huge hole in your pocket.

Seek Experienced Professionals

It is your dream day so a professional must carry out its organization and planning. The families can shortlist the potential planner companies having the best organization of affordable marriage ceremonies in a gala way. They must look at their experience, seek for client handling, venues that they have chosen for their prospective clients, and so on. You can look out for the pictures of their recent ceremonies to get a full insight into their work.

Discuss Your Budget Openly

Convey your preferences about a particular theme, preparations, etc. and discuss the charges with a professional company. Converse everything about the hidden charges if any, discounts, packages offered to clients, and much more. Most of the budget wedding planners charge an hourly basis, and some others have a flat rate. You can choose them according to your set budget.

Close the Deal Wisely

The bride and groom must take some time before finalizing their wedding planner. Consult with your family members and have a detailed talk with the planner’s previous customers, checking reviews, comparing costs, etc. You can then finalize the best and cost-effective company. Seal your deal by signing a contract between both the parties to have everything on paper, and you are secured too.

To wrap up, people must minutely look out on every detail while planning for this auspicious occasion so that they can have a fantastic and enjoyable wedding.

4 Very Important Things to look for in an Amazing Husband

1 -You must be able to trust him implicitly.
He is going to be your best friend and lover for life
Trust is the no 1 Factor –Without That Nothing Else Matters

2 -You and him must have a spiritual and emotional connection
Many people confuse religion with Spirituality-Spirituality is just been totally
Aware of yourselves and of yourselves as a couple even if you both both follow different religions or faiths-what matters is the connect.

3- He must bring out the best in you as a human being and encourage you in whatever you do and vice versa and never put you down in any situation Especially the tough ones

4- He must be a highly motivated intelligent and energized individual who Will inspire you towards greater and greater couple goals.
He doesn’t have to have a good job. He doesn’t have to have a good career. He doesn’t even have to be brilliant. Because in the end, what will matter far more than intelligence or educational credentials, is whether or not he is a motivated individual who takes initiative. If he is motivated AND He Has Grit, he will always find a job or look for a way to provide for the family. If he is not, it doesn’t matter how much education he has or how much family wealth he has he will lose it –it has happened in many families / he could easily become lazy.

Ten Rules for A Happy Indian Marriage.

1 Suspicion kills Marriage-Trust is the No 1 Rule.
2 Say one Nice Thing to each other every day.
3 Its Always Us against the World-Place each other on top of your extended families if it comes to a crisis.This is very important in the Indian context of things.
4 Never Hide Any Financial stuff from each other.
6 Don’t shout at the same time at each other if one of you has blown a top the other should keep quiet as of now.
7 When you are in the wrong admit it without ego.
8 Never bring up mistakes of the past.
9 In the Indian context try not to bring up issues about in laws-such quarrels explode in the wrong direction.
10 Love Respect and common Sense-Three pillars of a happy marriage

One Bonus Rule

11 Take atleast a weekend holiday as a couple at least once a year without kids.

12 life hacks for couples who want to grow old together

1. The passion will go
Yes, love passes. By this I mean that kind of love that should more accurately be called “loving dependency” with its crazy emotions, suffering, tears, heartfelt pain, and obsession with that one special person.

Relationships should feel good. Without hysterics, emotional cripples, tantrums when they don’t reply to your message, broken plates, or sleepless nights spent crying.

Relationships should know stability. However, this doesn’t mean they have to be boring.

Relationships should be calm. You should be able to walk home each day from work knowing that what you’re going back to is a bubble of warmth, familiarity, and love. If you don’t know what will be from one day to the next, why are you in it?

2. Married life isn’t just one long party

“Happy ever after” hides the fact that there may be illnesses, bad feelings, tiredness and irritation, anger and offense in your relationship. There is always the possibility of unpleasant moments and difficulties. The more important question is how long a couple decides this can go on and whether they can find a way to reduce these things to a minimum.

3. A couple really should be on the same social level

We all hear about the girl who got married to her driver or her tailor Love might draw people together, but when that passes, all the differences between them in upbringing, mentalities, their attitude to life, money, and kids will come to the surface. Attempts to imitate the fairy tales we see in the movies will end in failure.

4. A couple should develop their goals together

You should never rest on your laurels. If husband and wife don’t grow together, then the end result can be a sad one: sooner or later, the one who is holding the other back often gets left behind.

But there’s another conclusion that emerges from this fact: you cannot stop your partner from wanting to grow. It doesn’t matter what the issue is specifically. Whatever it is they want to get better at, don’t stop them from doing so. And if you can, you should try to share their interest.

5. You have to accept each other

On a deep level. Maybe some of your partner’s habits irritate you, and you might not agree with some of the things they do. You might have differing views on some things. But, at a deep level, you have to accept them with all their shortcomings and neuroses. You need to let your partner be who they really are. Of course, you can try to encourage them to change in a positive direction. But this should be an option, not something unconditional.

6. A wife shouldn’t put herself in second place behind her kids and her husband

Women always become sacrificial goats . Married life shouldn’t be a barrier to you remaining an independent, interesting, and life-loving person.

7. You have to want to be with your man, but he should have his boy time.

Once a week let him go out with his drinking or football buddies otherwise guys will start missing those times and start building up a resentment towards their domesticated life as all men are basically little boys trying to grow up.

8. Each side can have their own interests and desires

Everyone has the right to personal space and time for themselves. Everyone should have their own financial means to achieve this.

This is simply an axiom for any relationship. It should be this way, no questions asked.

For example, my personal time involves exercise and yoga. I might choose to take a trip out to the country, to sit by a lake and think about things. I also have time for reading and doing plenty of other things on my own, while my husband might go off to visit friends — even for several days at a time. I don’t try to follow what he’s doing, as it’s his time. There’s no place for hysterics and paranoia here. We’re both happy with these arrangements because they’re equal.

9. You both should definitely have passionate hobbies

Something which is uniquely yours .-maybe you are a guitarist or a reader or a bharatnatyam dancer something which brings you a source of endless joy.

10. You should have similar temperaments

If one half of a couple rushes around to get stuff done while the other barely lifts a finger, then the chances of this marriage surviving are low. You can smooth out plenty of little niggles caused by differing temperaments, and you can even arrange a happy life together with someone who moves at a different pace to you in many ways. But if your temperaments are polar opposites, then sooner or later one person is going to get left behind.

11. Passionate sex isn’t the most important thing

After 12 years of marriage, it’s not possible to always enjoy passionate sex and romance as it was before. In fact, they say that passion flies out of the window after three years In order to retain strong feelings of desire between you and your partner after many years spent living side by side, you need to have very strong emotions for them. Or as they say spiritual love But if one person is simply psychologically dependent on the other for intimacy without really feeling anything more, then they will want passion and sparks all the time, and that won’t be comfortable for the other. It doesn’t work when one half — or even both — of the couple are simply in that relationship out of the need for comfort, familiarity, or the desire for everything to stay the same.

Remember — in normal loving relationships, even sex can become secondary. It’s not the most important thing anymore, and that’s not a problem.

12. Decisions should be taken together

Of course, petty little decisions taken from one day to the next don’t require agreement. But major decisions, ones that affect your lives, definitely need to be discussed. And the final decision taken jointly.

How to raise your child, where to go on holiday, which car to buy — these are things that need to be discussed. But to interfere in the way your partner goes about their job, for example — that’s not necessary. The only thing to be done here is to offer your opinion if it’s asked for.

But the most important thing that can help secure a long-term marriage is the desire to reach compromises, listen and hear each other, leave opportunities for the other side to spend time alone, and not combine every aspect of your lives so tightly that it’s as if you’re joined at the hip, leaving no room for maneuver.

Major Expense Heads for a Wedding

(1) Mandapams/Hotel/Destination Resort -Venue Expense
(2) FOOD (Any cuisine)
(3) Decor-Stage decor, mandapam decor, car decor, Entrance vaazha marams and pandhal, Name boards and welcomeboards
(4) Photography and Videography-Traditional, Candid and movies
(5) Invites-Save the date, Engagement and kalyanam
(6) Ritual Mgmt-Priests based on faith /Articles Required.
(7) Return Gifts/Exchange Gifts/Gift Hampers.
(8) Guest Management/Travel & Transportation costs
(9) Serviced Apts/Hotels for relatives and friends near Venue.
(10) Personal shopper/Bespoke Jeweller/Dress Maker/Tailors.
(11) Beauty & Make Up Services.
(12) Jewellery/Dresses/Trousseau /Accessories.
(13) Artists-Bands/Tattooists/Mehendi/MC/DJ/Dancers Etc
(14) Various Extra stalls for Food /Reception-Eg Photo Booth/Chats/Mehendi/Tatoo etc
(15) Entertainment-Classical/Western/Gold Shower/Dance Floor Sangeeth, Mangala Vadhyam etc
(16) Post weddinng Religious trips
(17) Honeymoon packages

Aaha Points from Couples who have got Married

1. Always stick to a wedding budget and work backwords.

Weddings are emotional and go overboard very easily in India.

You dont want to spend the first five years of your married life paying off your marriage debts or helping your folks settle it off.

2. Invite only guests who actually like you –every guest costs.
3. Keep track of your return gifts-Every family will have an aunt who takes seven gifts for her family back home.
4. Try and Re Try your wedding dresses before the big day-you might find out that your dress is tight when you sit or the zipper is not working.
5. Ask someone to keep some packed food for both of you just in case you both forget to eat after your tired reception.
6. Keep drinking water all the time-you will be so busy talking to guests the whole day youll forget to drink water-this has happened to lot of couples who Land up getting cramps on their wedding nite.
7. Make sure that you plan your honeymoon separately as sometimes parents will join you in the Indian context and they will club it with some religious agenda it is not healthy for you as couple as the honeymoon is mainly to understand each other emotionally as a couple for the long happy life ahead.
8. Make sure your photographer is really good-the photos cannot be taken again.
9. Check out safety and security of the honeymoon destination you are going to Especially a foreign country.

Eco Friendly Weddings/Events

We had a eco Friendly Zero Plastic completely bio degradable Décor done a few days back for one of our esteemed customers daughters cradle day ceremony.

Nowadays the theme is all about planet sensitivity and sustainability

What are the simple things that you can do to make your event of wedding eco friendly.

First Things first

  1. Don’t Waste food- Ask your caterer to tie up with an old age home to share all your left over food.
  2. Can we do away with plastic plates and plastic water bottles –keep a pot of herbal water at vantage points for people to drink.
  3. Can we use E Invites Instead of Wasting paper.
  4. Can we use recyclable flowers which can be reused as fertilizer-yes it is available as an option in India.
  5. Can we use an invite made of seeds –called a seed invite which can be planted later as a plant.
  6. Can we use recyclable bags for thamboolam.
  7. Can we give a sapling to every guest as a return gift thus helping making to make the planet greener
  8. Can we take a vow not to use crackers at our wedding and use New age gizmos like cold pyro or gold showers.
  9. Can we ask guests to car pool or cycle to our wedding nowadays cycling is very hip and in.
  10. Back drops can be done with all kinds of biodegradable plants and leaves which can then be used as fodder for animals thus completing the cycle of life.

These are just idea starters and we can think of many ways to make our wedding a green wedding as much as possible –Ask your wedding Planner for Ideas.

Top ten budget friendly wedding honeymoon destinations for couples Which are outside India

1. Dubai

-It’s a absolutely zany fun place full of Aaha Moments

Right From the Dubai Frame to the top of the Burj Khalifa to an amazing abra boat ride in the backwaters of the Dubai CREEK to the world’s biggest shopping malls Dubai is absolute fun. Take a Desert Safari or Ride an ATV in the sands.

Go To wild wadi Or The Atlantis for amazing water rides or sky dive over the Jumeirah Palm-Dubai Has a Million Options For an Unforgettable Honeymoon.

2. Hong Kong and Macau, China

Hong Kong has some aaha moments for honeymooners. Explore the sights in the city, and enjoy superb views of the island from the vantage point at Victoria Park. Visit the Buddha temple on the mountain top absolutely serene Indulge in a culinary feast in swish restaurants or at local markets.  Go the the night market –absolute fun.Head to Macau, which is known for its vibrant casinos but also, makes for a great honeymoon destination. It has got an amazing hotel which is an replica of venice and its gondolas Take a romantic walk on Fisherman’s Wharf. Flights available from all major Indian cities, and Macau is an hour’s ferry ride from Hongkong.

3. Malaysia

With its blend of culture, nightlife and charming countryside, there is no reason why Malaysia doesn’t belong to our list of the best honeymoon destinations outside India. Start your trip in the capital, Kuala Lumpur. Have a look at the amazing Petronas Towers made by a man of Indian origin.After you’ve explored the city, head to Genting Highlands or one of the islands. Pangkor Laut is pure luxury and bliss – just what you want on your honeymoon. Langkawi with its serene beaches will provide for quality time with your loved one. For a taste of the colonial influence, visit the Cameron Highlands where the rolling hills and tea plantations make for a romantic time. Street food is so much fun shopping pure bliss in the malls in Kl.

4. Thailand

Did you get bowled over by the shooting locations when you watched the movie “The Beach”? Did you vow to yourself that you would take your special someone there when the time came? Well, Thailand, is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.. The gorgeous Koh Phi Phi island in Thailand is a popular honeymoon destination, as is Koh Samui. Cheap flights to Thailand are available from Air Asia are available from all major cities in India, and you can then take a domestic flight to your destination of choice. Spend your days lazing on the beach and your evenings enjoying the nightlife in these vibrant places. Walking street in pattaya is absolute fun.

You can discover each other’s adventurous side with a plethora of activities like snorkeling, underwater walk, parasailing in pattaya.

Bangkok –You can just walk around Sukhumvet and have a super time with the night life and the malls

5. Sri Lanka

If you both are beach persons Srilanka has got the best beaches in the World.

A treasure so close to home: that is Sri Lanka for you.  The resorts in Bentota, Galle and other beaches are world-class, giving honeymooners the much-needed privacy and pampering. If you want to escape to the hills, there is no place like Nuwara Eliya, where it is pure bliss to sit and share a cup of tea and a piece of cake with your partner. With scenic waterfalls, tea plantations and impressive colonial buildings, it is a great choice for honeymooners. Several Indian airlines offer reasonably priced tickets to colombo and the frequency of flights are quite good.

6 Singapore

Go for a round in the Singapore flyer or catapult yourself at clarkes quay or just sit together and have a coffee in the snazzy orchard road in Singapore.

Take the metro and do some amazing shopping in Chinatown or just go to clarks quay and just sit and trip in one of the many bars in the evening together listeningTo different bands of eclectic music.

Spend a day in sentoza island and universal kingdom and relive your childhood.

7 Jordan

Want an offbeat different place try which is not expensive try  Jordan –it has got one of seven wonders of the World the ancient city of Petra great greek Mediterranean  and Arabic cuisine the best in the world   and shisha joints in Amman where you can chill out go spend a couple of days in the middle of the desert at Wadi Rum where the movie The Martian was Shot Absolutely surreal experience. Jordan has got great climate year round

8 Bali, Indonesia

Several Indian cities are now well connected by flights to Bali. With its attractive beaches, rich, green rice paddies, beautifully sculpted temples all around and delicious seafood, Bali is truly one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations outside India. Seminyak and kuta beaches in southern Bali are world class and amazing fun with all kinds of adventure activities and surfing.  You and your partner can enjoy All kinds of adventure at Nusa Dua. Go White river rafting and Get a taste of the amazing Balinese jungles by staying a couple of days at Ubud. Stroll along the rice paddies, and finally treat yourselves to a fabulous Balinese massage or a foot massage at one of the many lovely spas that are everywhere

9. Maldives

You’ve always seen pictures of those thatched roof resorts perched right in the middle of the turquoise blue ocean and wondered when you’d go there. A honeymoon is the perfect time, don’t you think? If you are a beach person Maldives with its brilliantly colored sea life, coral reefs and clear waters is enough to make you dizzy with love. You can rent a cottage away from everybody in the resort perfect for a honeymoon. For all the water sports enthusiasts, you can get a Padi certification in scuba diving, or go kayaking with your partner.

10 Nepal

The wondrous site of the Himalayas if you are a mountain person makes for

An exciting honeymoon with your partner.Sip a chai at the amazing cafes listening

To trance music looking at the mountains in the backdrop, go trekking in the forest

And the hills and vow to remain best friends and lovers for the rest of your life.