Major Expense Heads for a Wedding

(1) Mandapams/Hotel/Destination Resort -Venue Expense
(2) FOOD (Any cuisine)
(3) Decor-Stage decor, mandapam decor, car decor, Entrance vaazha marams and pandhal, Name boards and welcomeboards
(4) Photography and Videography-Traditional, Candid and movies
(5) Invites-Save the date, Engagement and kalyanam
(6) Ritual Mgmt-Priests based on faith /Articles Required.
(7) Return Gifts/Exchange Gifts/Gift Hampers.
(8) Guest Management/Travel & Transportation costs
(9) Serviced Apts/Hotels for relatives and friends near Venue.
(10) Personal shopper/Bespoke Jeweller/Dress Maker/Tailors.
(11) Beauty & Make Up Services.
(12) Jewellery/Dresses/Trousseau /Accessories.
(13) Artists-Bands/Tattooists/Mehendi/MC/DJ/Dancers Etc
(14) Various Extra stalls for Food /Reception-Eg Photo Booth/Chats/Mehendi/Tatoo etc
(15) Entertainment-Classical/Western/Gold Shower/Dance Floor Sangeeth, Mangala Vadhyam etc
(16) Post weddinng Religious trips
(17) Honeymoon packages

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