Eco Friendly Weddings/Events

We had a eco Friendly Zero Plastic completely bio degradable Décor done a few days back for one of our esteemed customers daughters cradle day ceremony.

Nowadays the theme is all about planet sensitivity and sustainability

What are the simple things that you can do to make your event of wedding eco friendly.

First Things first

  1. Don’t Waste food- Ask your caterer to tie up with an old age home to share all your left over food.
  2. Can we do away with plastic plates and plastic water bottles –keep a pot of herbal water at vantage points for people to drink.
  3. Can we use E Invites Instead of Wasting paper.
  4. Can we use recyclable flowers which can be reused as fertilizer-yes it is available as an option in India.
  5. Can we use an invite made of seeds –called a seed invite which can be planted later as a plant.
  6. Can we use recyclable bags for thamboolam.
  7. Can we give a sapling to every guest as a return gift thus helping making to make the planet greener
  8. Can we take a vow not to use crackers at our wedding and use New age gizmos like cold pyro or gold showers.
  9. Can we ask guests to car pool or cycle to our wedding nowadays cycling is very hip and in.
  10. Back drops can be done with all kinds of biodegradable plants and leaves which can then be used as fodder for animals thus completing the cycle of life.

These are just idea starters and we can think of many ways to make our wedding a green wedding as much as possible –Ask your wedding Planner for Ideas.

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