Aaha Points from Couples who have got Married

1. Always stick to a wedding budget and work backwords.

Weddings are emotional and go overboard very easily in India.

You dont want to spend the first five years of your married life paying off your marriage debts or helping your folks settle it off.

2. Invite only guests who actually like you –every guest costs.
3. Keep track of your return gifts-Every family will have an aunt who takes seven gifts for her family back home.
4. Try and Re Try your wedding dresses before the big day-you might find out that your dress is tight when you sit or the zipper is not working.
5. Ask someone to keep some packed food for both of you just in case you both forget to eat after your tired reception.
6. Keep drinking water all the time-you will be so busy talking to guests the whole day youll forget to drink water-this has happened to lot of couples who Land up getting cramps on their wedding nite.
7. Make sure that you plan your honeymoon separately as sometimes parents will join you in the Indian context and they will club it with some religious agenda it is not healthy for you as couple as the honeymoon is mainly to understand each other emotionally as a couple for the long happy life ahead.
8. Make sure your photographer is really good-the photos cannot be taken again.
9. Check out safety and security of the honeymoon destination you are going to Especially a foreign country.

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